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Expand with aluminum tents?

Do you often have to say ‘no’ to potential customers because you do not have the right or enough tents at your disposal? It’s always a shame when you miss out on business opportunities. This is a great moment to expand your range with pagoda tents, aluminium tents, or a steel hall.

For every tent rental service, sports club, or event venue, we have a tent or tent component to meet their needs. Whether you intend to use the structure for events or as a business solution, our construction kits are versatile. Are you looking for something beyond our standard solutions? No problem! Our engineers will design the tent that you have in mind.

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Tent as a ready-made kit

We engineer, produce, and sell prefabricated construction kits, so you can start setting up your tent straight away. Everything you need, from the roof beam to the last tiny bolt, is included in this kit.

Are you setting up this type of tent for the first time, and could you use some help assembling your tent? Our specialists will be happy to visit and explain in detail how you can assemble your tent quickly and safely!

Saying this our clients

Tent Trading helped us excellently by delivering quickly, thinking along with our wishes and clear communication. vanBos likes to work with reliable and enthusiastic suppliers, Tent Trading is one such partner we are very happy with. Keep up the good work!"

Elnard Bos - Owner vanBos verhuur
"The service provided by Tent Trading is really up to scratch. From the very first moment, we had a very nice contact with the staff. They are easily accessible and keep their appointments."

Gerben de Roode - Owner Alpha Tent Event
"It was nice to work with the Tent Trading team, a young and professional team which is available at all times. In addition, they think along in solutions and from the customer's demand. Keep up the good work!"

Max and Kelly Vermeer - Owners Van Oort Tentenverhuur

Why Tent Trading?

Large in-house stock

(40,000 m2)

Fast delivery times

Competitively priced

Individual components or a full construction kit

Personal advice

Expertise in custom-made solutions

Our products

TT64 Pagoda tent

  • 3 x 3 metres | 4 x 4 metres | 5 x 5 metres
  • Lightweight pagoda
  • PVC roof and side canvas

TT84 Pagoda tent

  • 3 x 3 metres | 4 x 4 metres | 5 x 5 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 metres | 3.00 metres
  • Several wall systems possible

TT110 Aluminium tent

  • Tent width: 3 to 10 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 metres | 3.00 metres
  • Lightweight event tent

TT160 Aluminium tent

  • Width: 2.5 to 15 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 metres | 3.00 metres
  • Many of the same parts as TT225

TT170 Aluminium tent

  • Width: 10 to 15 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 metres | 3.00 metres
  • No forklift truck or aerial platform required

TT225 Aluminium tent

  • Width: 10 to 25 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 to 4.50 metres
  • Ideal as a larger event marquee

Flexhal (Steel hall)

  • Width: 10 to 30 metres
  • Side height: 4 to 6 metres
  • Flexible steel hall

We are Tent Trading!

We are the leading specialist in the engineering, production and sale of aluminium tents and semi-permanent warehousing solutions. Our tents are mainly supplied to the eventing sector, but there is an increasing demand from the industrial sector for semi-permanent corporate building facilities.

More than 150 businesses and rental services use our affordable quality halls and tents. We produce over 100,000 m2 of space each year. And from development to calculations and production, everything is carried out in-house.

The leading wholesaler for tent rental services and
specialist in custom-made tent solutions.

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