TT225 Aluminium tent


The larger event tent up to 25 metres wide.

The TT225 aluminium tent has multiple additional options, such as solid wall panels, an insulated roof, and several types of doors. Moreover, this tent can be ordered with a side height of 4.5 metres. 

The unique dovetail joints make this tent easy to set up with a forklift truck with a winch. Efficient, large, and robust: we understand all too well that our customers use TT225 aluminium tent for the big jobs.



Side height:

Roof construction:


Tent Trading cannot be held liable for any inaccurate or incomplete information in the data sheet on this website. All specifications are subject to change to improve the product design and function without prior notification.

Tent width: 10.00 m | 15.00 m | 20.00 m | 25.00 m
Length: Unlimited extension of 5.00 meters
Side height: 2.30 m | 3.00 m | 4.50 m
Ridge height: 4.10 metre - 8.70 metre
Roof cladding: Translucent PVC canvas | opaque (block-out) PVC canvas | insulated PVC canvas
Wall panels: Translucent PVC canvas | opaque (block-out) PVC canvas | insulated PVC canvas
Roof pitch: 18 degrees
Profile dimensions: 225x101 mm
Maximum wind load: 100 km/h
Maximum snow load: Upon request
Aluminum: AL6082 | AL6005
Natural anodised
Highly durable
High corrosion resistance
Additional options: Transparent PVC canvas
Coloured PVC canvas
Curved roof construction,
Solid wall panels
Glass wall panels
Sandwich wall panelling
Wicket doors
Sectional overhead doors
Cassette flooring
Heavy-duty flooring
More than
m² of tents produced
Every year we produce
m² of tent flooring
Stock of
m² tent profiles

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We have been doing business with Tent Trading since 2020. They have always delivered what they promised. We bought several tents and parts. Very satisfied with their service."

Peter Struijk - Owner
"The service provided by Tent Trading is super. The contact was and is very good, service-oriented and thoughtful. Their experience and reliability were the deciding factor for our purchase."

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"We are very satisfied with Tent Trading. As a small rental company, we are well served. This young company always provides pleasant cooperation and excellent service."

Bart Wichers - Owner

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TT225 Aluminium tent

  • Width: 10 to 25 metres
  • Side height: 2.30 to 4.50 metres
  • Ideal as a larger event marquee

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  • Load capacity: 350 to 585 kg/m2

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