Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not build or install tents ourselves. We only supply the parts or complete construction kits so you can get to work building the tent yourself. We have made erection instructions for the TT64, TT84 & TT110. We do have a large network of parties who work with our tents. We can put you in touch with these parties so that they can erect the tent for you!

Tent Trading is committed to long-term relationships. After your purchase, we are happy to remain your supplier and engineer for pagodas, alu halls and Flexhallen. Have you purchased a kit and never set up this type of tent? Then we will support you with the first assembly if required! Or do you have a great idea for a new type of tent? Let us know, we will gladly think along with you to develop the perfect tent for you!

Our materials are sustainable due to their long service life and the possibility of recycling. The construction kits we develop and produce have a minimum lifespan of 15 years. Because we are talking about temporary structures, they can often be assembled and disassembled. In addition, individual components can always be reused in other pagodas, alu halls and Flexhalls.

We always do our best to deliver quickly! We have a large stock of standard pagodas and alu halls. This allows us to handle certain rush orders or last-minute requests. Want to know what we have in stock? Feel free to call one of our account managers!

When we have this in stock the rule is; ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Would you like to collect it? Then this is often possible on the same working day! Call us for fast turnaround.

Yes, we certainly can. To get you started, we have a general guideline for the type of event. Do you really want personal, customised advice? Then contact our account managers. Event where everyone is standing: 0.5 to 1 square metre per person. Event where everyone is seated at a table: 1.5 to 2 square metres per person. Theatre set-up: 0.7 to 1 square metre per person. Note; that you don't include the entire area for the calculation. Usually you have to subtract square metres for the bar, a stage or other attributes which reduces your area where people can stand, walk or sit.

We can provide a custom-made tent for any application. We are happy to listen to your wishes and requirements when it comes to the marquee or steel hall. Together, we design, engineer and produce the tent or hall that perfectly suits your event or industry!

Our pagodas and alu halls are very sturdy and structurally tested, usually to at least 100km/h! Our team of engineers and constructors is busy calculating and testing every day. The Netherlands is divided into different wind zones. Depending on the wind zone, we sometimes have to adapt alu halls for long-term storage by, for example, installing extra braces. In other countries, the requirements are different again and must snow loads be taken into account? We do not always include this as standard in our assessment, but we can test and adjust this on request.

Sure! Our PVC tent tarpaulins can be printed in full colour or ordered in the PMS colour of your branding. There are also various options for anodising and powder coating the aluminium. Thus, together with you, we develop a unique pagoda or alu hall for your company or event.

We actually always have a standard pagoda or alu hall in stock, which you can pick up the next working day or we can ship the next working day. Because we produce them ourselves, we can often also quickly produce parts that are unexpectedly out of stock. Sometimes even the very next day! Depending on how busy it is, we can deliver almost anything within three weeks.

The standard side height of our tents is 2.30 and 3 metres. In the case of the TT225, this can also be 4.5 metres and the Flexhal can even be ordered up to 6 metres. Are you looking for a different side height? Then we can see what is possible with our engineers!

Regular cleaning of your products ensures a neat appearance and a longer lifespan. To extend the life of your materials, we sell suitable storage and transport racks. This makes your materials wear less quickly and last even longer. Did you know that we also sell tarpaulin washing machines? Would you like to know more about this? Contact our specialists!

We deliver the materials directly to your location! Whether around the corner, or anywhere in the world. Transport costs depend on the size of the products and the location. We will be happy to provide a no-obligation quotation!

Sure! We have standard options in sail colours. Think white, transparent, black and sand colour. But it doesn't stop there, we can print the sails full-colour or deliver them in a PMS colour. Anything is possible for the tarpaulins! The aluminium structure is also blank anodised as standard. But there are plenty of options here too. Think of powder coating the aluminium or anodising it with a wood or stone structure. Please let us know what your ideas are and we will be happy to help you find the right solution!

Yes, our tents are certified. Our tents meet all European fire and safety requirements and are approved according to DIN standard 4102B1. The tents are also provided with a tent booklet compiled by Tentech in accordance with NEN 8020-41. The tent book contains all structural calculations and technical information.

A cassette floor is a modular floor system consisting of individual cassettes made of wood. These are placed on a system of lower beams and ring beams, which not only form the frame for the cassettes, but can also provide the coupling to the tent.

This is the powerhouse among floors, made to carry significant weights. The standard heavy-duty floor is made of strong materials such as galvanised steel and concrete plywood boards. This gives the floor a long lifespan and low maintenance. The heavy-duty floor can also be fitted with wooden planks, which are just as sturdy as betonplex but require a bit more maintenance to keep the wood looking nice.