Buying a high-quality tent floor

Looking for a high-quality tent floor at short notice? We have the perfect solution for you. At Tent Trading, we offer tent floors that meet your requirements. Our cassette floors are ideal for events, while our heavy-duty floors also serve as anchoring for tents. Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver quickly, even in an emergency. Let us help you make the best choice for you!

A robust solution; the heavy-duty floor

Buying a heavy-duty floor offers several advantages, mainly at events and temporary structures. It is the ideal foundation for tents, stages and dance floors. The weight of the floor eliminates the need for further anchoring, such as pegs or ballast blocks. The panels are available in various sizes and consist of wooden parts enclosed in a steel profile. The heavy-duty floor, also called system floor, is available in two different types and material. Despite the large and heavy format, the floors can be laid easily with a forklift truck or Manitou. Thanks to their robust construction and the use of high-quality materials, the floors have a lifespan of up to more than 10 years!

The cassette floor; stylish and functional

An impressive floor that is easy to lay? Choose a cassette floor! This floor can be laid without a forklift truck and has a load capacity of up to 660 kilograms per square metre. Made of wood and aluminium profiles, the cassette floor has a base of aluminium sub-beams and sub-beams to ensure a high load-bearing capacity. The wood-like appearance of the cassette floor is ideal for more intimate events that demand an atmospheric look, such as a wedding. Cassette floors come in a size of 100 by 250 centimetres and are ideal for a variety of applications. Want to buy cassette flooring? Discover the perfect combination of load-bearing capacity and ease of use with this tent floor.

Why tent floors from Tent Trading?

Production and engineering in one place

Tent Trading has in-depth knowledge and skills in tent production. Our team of experts ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards, tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Beautiful appearance

A beautiful marquee needs a matching floor. That is why we have the cassette floors for a more festive look and the heavy-duty floors for a more industrial look. Which floor will you go for?

Fast delivery

Our floors are kept in stock in large quantities at our warehouse in Renswoude. As a result, the tent floors are always quickly available and we make sure you get a suitable floor for your tent or hall.

Buying a wooden tent floor

Are you considering buying a wooden tent floor? Our heavy-duty spruce wooden floors offers not only functionality but also a stylish look. Spruce gives a natural, warm look that is perfect for various events. Available in various sizes, these system floors offer flexibility for any set-up. The combination of wooden planks and steel profiles provides a strong, stable base that can support heavy loads. Not quite there yet? We have put everything together for you and explain the pros and cons of both floors. Ask our specialists for advice or request a quote at the bottom of the page!

Frequently Asked Questions

A cassette floor is a modular floor system consisting of individual cassettes made of wood. These are placed on a system of lower beams and ring beams, which not only form the frame for the cassettes, but can also provide the coupling to the tent.

This is the powerhouse among floors, made to carry significant weights. The standard heavy-duty floor is made of strong materials such as galvanised steel and concrete plywood boards. This gives the floor a long lifespan and low maintenance. The heavy-duty floor can also be fitted with wooden planks, which are just as sturdy as betonplex but require a bit more maintenance to keep the wood looking nice.

As the frames are galvanised and the wood impregnated, our floors are resistant to all types of weather.

Need advice from a specialist?

With years of expertise in the tent industry, Tent Trading specialises in manufacturing and installing high-quality tent flooring. Curious about the various options for selecting a suitable tent floor for your business, tent or hall? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for personal advice!

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