Buy a marquee directly from the manufacturer!

Want to buy a party tent of high quality? At Tent Trading, you've come to the right place. At our location in Renswoude, we manufacture various types of party tents. Every kind of party needs its own kind of tent, and at Tent Trading, we understand that. Thanks to our in-house production and engineering, you have the freedom to add various extra options to your tent, allowing us to create a custom party tent that fully meets your personal preferences.

Choice of various party tents

What kind of marquee are you looking for? Both for small and large events we have a wide choice of marquees. For smaller marquees you can think of our pagoda marquee or our TT110 alu hall. The pagoda tent is also an excellent addition to the party area, as an entrance, checkroom, first aid station or covered bar. Larger tents in our range include the Specials Armada and the Specials Athena. Under these attractive tents with a capacity of up to 5000 people, every party will be a success! We also make our aluminum tents as big as you want. For example, the TT225 aluminium hall is very suitable as a large festival tent. Can it be a bit smaller? The TT170 aluhall is ideal for smaller-scale parties. For a more unique look, there is the option of choosing the arched tent.

Free advice on buying your party tent

At Tent Trading, we like to make buying a party tent as easy as possible. What makes us truly unique is that we not only give advice, but also handle the production and engineering ourselves. We can proudly say that we have supplied more than 25,000 square meters of marquees in recent years. We use our valuable experience to also realize the optimal marquee for you. Whatever your wishes are, we will gladly accept the challenge! Through our own production, we are able to deliver custom tents and meet all your specific requirements. Whether it’s the tent itself or ancillary items such as a tent floor, we are ready to provide you with full service. Contact us today for a customized consultation and discover the unique capabilities of Tent Trading!

Why is buying a marquee from Tent Trading the perfect match for you?

Fast delivery

We have many standard party tents in stock. Your order is processed immediately so we can deliver it the next day. Custom marquees are always drawn in and then produced by our own production team. Because of the short lines, these alu halls can also be delivered within a few weeks.

Atmospheric appearance

Our marquees provide a warm and cozy atmosphere. This atmosphere ensures that your guests feel relaxed and comfortable, leading to a positive experience and a higher chance of success for your event.

Years of experience

Although Tent Trading has only been around for a few years, our team has over 15 years of experience in renting, selling and manufacturing various types of tents and temporary industrial halls.

Start small, think big. Start with seperate parts.

We’re happy to help you out at Tent Trading. With our unique offering, we give you the freedom to start small and expand incrementally. For example, consider purchasing parts separately. Is a specific part damaged? No worries! With us, you can purchase the necessary parts first and get a taste of our great service for yourself. This distinguishing feature places us in a separate category from other sellers. Moreover, we guarantee fast delivery, so you can quickly benefit from your purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss your needs. At Tent Trading, we are ready to serve you.

Personal advice or detailed quotation?

Our tents are of the highest quality and have a lifespan of no less than 15 years. An interesting investment! Want to know about the possibilities for buying a marquee? Contact our specialists for personal advice or start configuring your party tent now with our 3D tent configurator!

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