Industrial canopy

Are you considering expanding your products or improving your business space? Tent Trading offers industrial canopies as a solution, making problems such as rain on goods and working in bad weather a thing of the past.

Your industrial cnaopy made to measure

Do you have merchandise you want to cover or do you want to create a dry loading and unloading area? Then an industrial canopy is the solution! Perhaps you only want a small covered area, while another entrepreneur wants to cover dozens of square meters. It makes no difference to us: we make exactly the industrial canopy you need. Do you need a canopy between 3 and 10 meters wide? Then our TT110 is the solution. This aluminum canopy can be extended indefinitely per 5 meters. Are you looking for an even wider canopy? Then our TT170 or TT225 is a suitable solution. All our canopies can be assembled by hand and are also available with side walls!

Your new canopy can be delivered within a few weeks!

When do you like to start using your canopy? Especially if the lack of a canopy hinders your business operations, acting quickly is essential. At Tent Trading, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we maintain ample stocks through our own production and strive to produce your canopy quickly. This almost always results in a delivery time of just a few weeks! Should you not be able to transport the canopy yourself, you can also use our transport services.

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Why buy a canopy from Tent Trading?

We engineer and produce

Our own engineers ensure that the canopy construction is of high quality and meets the required safety conditions. The production team works with the best materials and creates a kit that meets your company's needs!

Custom made

An extra high or wide canopy? It's all possible at Tent Trading. Our draftsmen are happy to draw your canopy to size.

Fast delivery

We have many standard canopies in stock. We can deliver these the day after ordering. Thanks to our short lines, we can also deliver custom-made canopies within a few weeks.

A custom plan for your business

Buying an industrial canopy is probably not an everyday occurrence for you. That’s why we are happy to help you with tailored advice. Because every company is different and has slightly different needs. Besides making you an offer, we are happy to give you advice on a suitable accommodation for your company. For example, do you have doubts about the right sizes? Give us a call!

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